Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We are a Biker Family

Okay not really... we are a bicycling family, but the other way sounded cooler.
We have been having the greatest Summer with Russell home for the whole month of July.  This month he taught the girls to ride their bikes without training wheels.  He also finally got Nathan on his bike he got for Christmas and practicing so he can now pedal and ride all by himself without being pushed!
Madylin was riding, starting and stopping by herself within the first 2 days of practicing a bit with Russell.  She did awesome!
Morgan, as always, was a little more timid. On a side note, when they were little and playing on playgrounds, Morgan used to stop 2 feet before the top of the slide and sit down and then slowly scoot to the top of the slide to go down. Madylin, on the other hand, would practically run down the slide and finally sit after a foot or so.  Morgan took a couple more days of practice, but she was pushed by the sight of Madylin riding around by herself.

 Nathan never wanted to practice riding his bike because it was too hard, but he was feeling left out so he finally gave it another try.  He used a bigger bike that was easier to pedal to learn and has since gone back to his smaller new bike.
We took our first family bike ride a few days later because the kids wanted to go somewhere and have a destination, not just ride in circles.  We rode the 1/2 mile to Ben and Lisa's house (cousins) to say hello. That's me in front with Lydia in the bike trailer, then Madylin, Morgan, Nathan and Russell is taking the picture at the rear.
The kids did amazing with only one small crash.  It was so fun and we've done it twice now.
My kids are getting so much older this Summer.  Learning to swim, and ride bikes, and starting school.... crazy!

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Where are your helmets? Very fun times, I love Nike riding!!!!