Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He Amazes Me

So I don't usually do posts bragging about my kids, but I am just so amazed by Nathan!  He is SUCH a talker!!  He has a new word like every week and is only 15 months!  I'm sorry, but I'm impressed.  These are the words he says

  • up (first one I pushed because I was tired of the screaming when he wanted to be held)
  • Mamma and Dadda
  • ball
  • nana (for banana-  he practically sing/screams this one out of excitement when he gets one)
  • hot dog (this one shocked my when he started saying it at about 13 months. It sounds like "hot gog." Should I be ashamed that one of his first food words was hot dog??)
  • hi (constantly- even if he's just gone upstairs for 30 seconds he comes down with a "hi" that sounds like he is in awe and soooo happy to see you again)
  • drink ("dink" technically)
  • help
  • doggie (always followed by an enthusiastic "woof woof woof")
  • goat
  • Granna (my mom's title)
  • Poppa (my dad's title)
  • Jesus (points at pictures all the time at church and in our home)
  • cheeeeeese (when playing with the girl's play camera)
  • shoe (sounds more like "sue")
  • bye (just that. Not "buh-bye" like most babies say, which I find interesting)
  • pretzel (sounds like "petzel"- no "r")
  • nose
  • button (when referring to his belly button)
  • baby (while holding the twins' dolls- and then he gives them hugs)
  • quack quack (in the bath playing with the rubber duckies)
  • car (complete with the "vroom vroom")
  • apple
  • cracker
  • cookie
  • bite (over and over again, especially if you're eating something he wants)
  • mine (not so much said as it is screamed, unfortunately. Thank you sisters)
  • no
  • ticka ticka ticka (when he is being tickled or trying to tickle)
  • sissy
  • horsey
  • boo!
  • hot (usually in the form of a question, as in he'll walk up to the oven and ask me "hot?")
  • night night (more like "nye nye"- it's so cute he actually begs for this when he's tired.  He loves his sleep)
  • Nathan (okay slight exaggeration, but he does try when you ask him to and he always says "Nay Nay")

Monday, November 1, 2010

A 50s Halloween

We have a couple of Russell's cousins and their families who are in our ward and that we love to hang out with.  I had the idea this year to have all of us dress from the 50s for Halloween.  All the girls wore poodle skirts and all the guys were greasers.  I had not dressed up for Halloween in I think 11 years and I had SO much fun.  We went to our church "trunk-or-treat" the day before Halloween where all the kids go from car to car to trick or treat. Here is our family all dressed up.
And the girls giving some attitude
Nathan being cute with his hair all slicked back
 Here are the 3 little girls (Madylin, Riley, and Morgan)
 Best picture I go of my 3.  Nathan would NOT hold still
 What made the night really fun was that we decorated the truck with a diner theme and the 3 of us mommies served root beer floats to the trick-or-treaters.  We spent several hours the night before on this juke box that hardly got noticed (but hey- the 3 of us girls had a ball making it with lots of good-natured criticism, sarcasm, and laughs into the wee hours of the night) and we played a cd through the car of 50s music that I put together with lots of great songs like Yakety Yak and Hound Dog, and Rockin' Robin to a name a few. We were singing along while scooping ice cream and having a ball even though we were too busy to even look up at to who we were serving.
Here are the 3 ladies that put it together with our precious juke box. 
We changed the names of the songs on the box to incorporate our kids' names.  
We had: 
Rockin' Riley
Nathan Angel
Braden B. Goode
Wake Up Little Mady
Morgan Sue
Luke Potion No. 9
And here's the whole gang with our ribbon we won for our "trunk."  Time to start planning for next year!

Pumpkin Patch 2010

 I am involved in a preschool co-op with some friends and the first 7 weeks I have been teaching. The last day of my unit we took our first class field trip down to Yucaipa to the Live Oak Pumpkin Path.  We had a good time and the weather was beautiful!
 The only other groups there were big school groups, but all the rides were closed.  The John Deere quads were just sitting there unused so the kids had fun sitting on those pretending to drive.
Madylin and Casey
 See that flag rope behind the kids?  Yeah we weren't supposed to go past that, but we honestly didn't even think about it. Everything was closed so we just let the kids sit on the rides and didn't even think twice about it, but we got in trouble for that. Sheesh such bad examples for our children.
   Here's the whole class.  (Madylin, Morgan, Riley, Casey, and Caiden)
 This was their favorite part.  Christy and I carted the group out to the pumpkin fields in these wagons.
All the kids including the younger siblings.  Aren't they cute?