Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He Amazes Me

So I don't usually do posts bragging about my kids, but I am just so amazed by Nathan!  He is SUCH a talker!!  He has a new word like every week and is only 15 months!  I'm sorry, but I'm impressed.  These are the words he says

  • up (first one I pushed because I was tired of the screaming when he wanted to be held)
  • Mamma and Dadda
  • ball
  • nana (for banana-  he practically sing/screams this one out of excitement when he gets one)
  • hot dog (this one shocked my when he started saying it at about 13 months. It sounds like "hot gog." Should I be ashamed that one of his first food words was hot dog??)
  • hi (constantly- even if he's just gone upstairs for 30 seconds he comes down with a "hi" that sounds like he is in awe and soooo happy to see you again)
  • drink ("dink" technically)
  • help
  • doggie (always followed by an enthusiastic "woof woof woof")
  • goat
  • Granna (my mom's title)
  • Poppa (my dad's title)
  • Jesus (points at pictures all the time at church and in our home)
  • cheeeeeese (when playing with the girl's play camera)
  • shoe (sounds more like "sue")
  • bye (just that. Not "buh-bye" like most babies say, which I find interesting)
  • pretzel (sounds like "petzel"- no "r")
  • nose
  • button (when referring to his belly button)
  • baby (while holding the twins' dolls- and then he gives them hugs)
  • quack quack (in the bath playing with the rubber duckies)
  • car (complete with the "vroom vroom")
  • apple
  • cracker
  • cookie
  • bite (over and over again, especially if you're eating something he wants)
  • mine (not so much said as it is screamed, unfortunately. Thank you sisters)
  • no
  • ticka ticka ticka (when he is being tickled or trying to tickle)
  • sissy
  • horsey
  • boo!
  • hot (usually in the form of a question, as in he'll walk up to the oven and ask me "hot?")
  • night night (more like "nye nye"- it's so cute he actually begs for this when he's tired.  He loves his sleep)
  • Nathan (okay slight exaggeration, but he does try when you ask him to and he always says "Nay Nay")


The Heitritter Family said...

What?? Are you kidding me? He is a genius! I can't even get Ollie to say mama on a regular basis. What a little smarty pants! Seriously, that is downright impressive and I am glad you bragged and that you recorded all the words he is saying. I want to see it on video!

Anonymous said...

He really is adorable! and you shouldn't be ashamed that his first food word was hot dog, because technically it was banana =] way to go mom teaching your kids the fruit!

Crystina said...

Okay so just because he leaves a letter or two out of words doesn't mean he isn't technically saying them! That's what Haileys pediatrition said to me when I told her my 13 month old said mirror! Lol! Good job Katie! That's great! :)

and isn't it cool to watch your kids say so much at home and say absolutely nothing around anyone else? Lol. Love it! Just goes to show that Mama and Daddy will always be their number one! :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

That is awesome! Charlyn is right, glad you wrote it down. A blog is meant for you to brag about your children. Enjoy doing it.

If I try to have Ryan find his nose he will just shake his head "no" at me. He won't do it unless he wants to. Frustrating. (We are finally walking!)

Liesl Law said...

I know how amazing it can be. Amri (my 3rd) was talking 2-3 word sentences at 15 months...and doesn't stop talking now! :)
I wish I would have written the things down she would say. I just know her first word was "Mama" (me) at like 5 months and "cereal" was a 2nd at like 10 months! ;) So no hot dog isn't bad! Way to have a smart kid...i think (or at least like to think so in my case) that it shows being a good mom in talking and helping your kids.

Reed and Natalie said...

That is great! Emma is still too stubborn and refuses to say too much! Brag about it all you want! That's what a blog is for! :) Adam did the same thing....he talked a lot sooner than any of my girls!

Jensine Kinser said...

Wow, that is awesome! I love it when they start to talk for precisely the reason why you pushed saying up. What a cutie!

Jessica said...

Go nathan...he is sooo smart! It amazes me too, and it's not braggin when you're just stating the facts right? ;)

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