Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nathan- The "play-by-play"

Nathan Welling Kinser
8 pounds 9 ounces
19.5 inches
He has conjunctivitis like the girls did so that is why his eye looks kinda gross. Hopefully it doesn't last long!
Warning- this post is VERY long AND detailed- which is so unlike me, but I want the record of how everything went down!
So I think my children had a plan that they talked about before coming to life on this earth regarding getting Nathan here. Nathan arrived on Thursday July 23, 3 weeks and 1 day early and I'm sure that my girls had something to do with it. On Wednesday night Madylin was sitting on my lap (well, what was left of my lap) before bedtime and she said, talking to my belly, "Nathan come out." My mom was here for my baby shower which was scheduled for that night and had come a couple of days early to help me with some sewing and decorating projects. She was taking a shower and I was getting the girls dressed so we could take another trip to JoAnn's for some material. I had already gotten Madylin dressed and was working on Morgan who was throwing a tantrum about putting on some shorts. It was about 9:30 and I was sitting in a chair and bending over trying to control her kicking feet when I felt a strange disconnecting feeling from sorta behind my belly button. It kinda felt like a pop and it hurt a little. When I got up I started to leak a little bit of fluid and when my mom got out of the shower I asked her if she thought I might have just lost my mucous plug. She said it was possible but I was nervous because I had never heard of anyone feeling a "pop" like that. I thought maybe something had gotten dislodged or disconnected and I was nervous. I was in tears a little bit because I was panicking. I kept going into the bathroom and feeling more and more leaking out so I tried to call my dr.'s office and the phone just kept ringing and ringing with no message or anything. So I called the hospital and they told me that if I thought my water had broken I needed to come in. I nervously decided that mom better just take me to the hospital to check. As we were getting ready to go the contractions started. I was in total denial, but luckily my mom wasn't because she got some overnight stuff together for the girls quickly and we left. On the 30 minute drive to St. Bernardine my contractions were getting a little stronger and were about 4 minutes apart. I thought "this can't be happening- that's way too close together!" I called Russell at work and finally got ahold of him through his cousin Spencer who he was working with that day. Russell was up on a roof (he works for a steel company during Summer) and I heard Spencer yell up to him "hey your wife's in labor!" I was still in denial about the labor thing and was still trying to call my doctor. Finally I got through and the nurse told me that the power had gone out in the office and the phones had been down all morning. Of course they were! She told me Dr. Yang was already at the hospital (thank goodness) and to get there ASAP. My mother-in-law was able to leave work to meet us at the hospital and take the girls so that my mom could stay with me since it would be a little bit before Russell could get there. After I got checked in at about 11:30, Russell was able to get there and the nurse told me that I definitely had ruptured (I actually asked if that meant the baby was coming. Like I said- in denial) Dr. Yang came to check my progress (quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable things ever- it felt like he had to reach to my tonsils to tell me where the baby was). Anyhow I was only 1 cm and 90% effaced and that baby was still at -2 (it has to get to +2 before you start pushing). Dr. Yang thought at the rate I was going I would probably deliver sometime around midnight. Because I was attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserean) my Dr. required me to have an epidural which he wanted me to have at this point. So from about 12:30 on I was having contractions about every 2 minutes and not feeling a thing. I was checked again at about 5pm and found out that I was almost at 4 cm and the baby was at a 0. At 6:30 I was checked again and was at 9cm and +1! So in an hour and a half I had gone from 3 cm to 9 cm and was about ready. At this point I found out that Dr. Yang had gone to L.A. to visit his brother who had just had brain surgery and thought he'd be back around 9 or 10, in time to deliver. Well that was not going to happen so I was told that the on-call doctor would be delivering. I was a little upset at that point, but not too much. As long as I was going to be allowed to try vaginal, I didn't care who delivered that baby! So at this point I started to feel the pressure. It was mounting and mounting and I told the nurse it was just about to that point where I felt I had to push. And then she let me do a practice push which went fine. Then another nurse told me I had to stop pushing because the Dr. was not there yet. WHAT?! So for the worst 45 minutes of my life I had to not push! (It's much harder than it sounds, if you've never been in labor!) I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but somehow got through those awful 45 minutes and when Dr. Udeh finally came in and was getting the gloves on he said, pointing to my "baby passageway"- "let's go- the baby is right there" Yeah I know!! Can I push him out already!! (He seemed to take forever to put on his gloves and get into catching position) So after pushing 4 times through 4 contractions- Nathan was out. Now why couldn't I have been allowed to do that 45 minutes ago!! The nurse told me that because I waited so long without pushing, it just meant less work and less pushing for me so she said I should be glad because that is why I only had to push for about 10 minutes (um okay if you say so). So anyhow that's the play by play. Nathan was born at 7:29 pm, only 10 hours after my water broke at home. I am very grateful that it went so quickly and extremely grateful that my children knew better than I did that Nathan needed to come out the day that he did. He was 8 pounds 9 ounces at 3 weeks early. The nurses said that if I had gone full term, I wouldn't have been able to deliver him vaginally because he would have been too big and it would have been too risky to try. So my 3 kids worked together, led by Madylin (the oldest) telling him to come out and helped by Morgan's tantrum that caused me to over-exert and brake my water! Thanks to the 3 of them I was able to have a healthy baby boy without another c-section. I am so grateful (though during delivery I though I was crazy!) to have been able to have this experience and that I can walk around and help Russell take care of the girls at this point instead of being laid up in bed. Thanks to all those who were helping with my baby shower and I'm so sorry all your work was wasted!! I was really looking forward to it, too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guilty Faces

They got into my make-up and after they were reprimanded by Daddy, they got ahold of a couple of pens and markers. Let me just say that this happened while I was at practice and Russell was "watching" them.
Notice their pants . . .I know you can't see their hands and arms very well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our 4th of July

Russell and I left the girls for a very long hard week so he could help me coach my volleyball team at the volleyball festival in Phoenix. The last 2 years we have brought them with us, but this year with my due date being so close I thought (well everyone else thought, really) that it would be better for me and this baby to leave them at home so that I could rest when I wasn't coaching and stay out of the stifling heat and keep my ankles from swelling too much! It was a horrible idea. The girls did great with my parents, but I missed them sooo badly! I left them friday morning with my mom and didn't see them again until about midnight the following friday night (they of course were sleeping and Russell and I just watched for a couple of minutes). I slept on a futon next to them because I wanted to be right there when they woke up. Madylin woke up at like 6:45 (they usually don't get up until after 8) but I didn't care. She stood up and immediately walked to the edge of her pack 'n play to peek into Morgan's and see if she was awake. I whispered her name and she was startled at first, but then she smiled at me and wanted me to pick her up and she hugged me for a long time. Morgan looked up from her sleeping position and stared at me for a few seconds and then said "daddy?" (very typical of the daddy's girl). I took them in to see Russell and we enjoyed playing with them for a while. Man did we both miss them! So it was now the 4th of July and we stayed at my parents house for most of the day to swim and relax.
Here are the girls with Russell and my brother, Matt. My niece Sara and my nephew Kaleb swam with us too.
We decided to leave after dinner and the girls started acting kind of funny. Russell and I were packing up all their stuff and Matt and Kaleb were trying to get them interested in a video game, but they kept saying "go bye bye" and following us around with their shoes in hand. They followed us around the whole time we were packing up and when I brought out their full suitcase for Russell to put in the car, Morgan grabbed it and started pulling it out to the car. I told her it was too heavy, but she was determined. Madylin joined in. These girls were making sure that we were NOT leaving them again. It was pretty funny.
We went straight to Russell's Aunt Lynne's house to have homemade ice cream (tradition) and watch the fireworks. Morgan spent the whole time taking turns with Abby on this car. (Abby is Russell's cousin's daughter)
Here are Russell and Morgan watching fireworks. She wasn't that into them. She was being a social butterfly and kept lap hopping from one person to the next.
Here are Madylin and I. She stayed in my lap and watched pretty much the whole time, but didn't seem that impressed.
This picture really makes me want to work out, but oh well. Just a few more weeks and I will be able to! These are the wives of some of the cousins and we are all due within a couple of months time. These other girls are just glowing and beautiful and I look exhausted! (Well, I was to be honest) The picture is taken in order of when the babies are due to appear. Lisa in the black is due July 24th, then I'm due 3 weeks later, then Stacy is 3 weeks after me, and Jessica is just about 5 weeks behind Stacy. The first 3 of us are all expecting boys and Jessica is stubborn and won't find out (just kidding Jessica!) It should be fun the next couple of months with all the new babies in the family! (Not to mention, Russell's sister who is due 3 days after me!)
So that was our 4th. Uneventful, but we were just glad to be out of the Phoenix heat and back with our kids!