Friday, June 25, 2010


Loving Summer already.  I have so much more energy and I have time to do stuff with my family at night like walk to the park because it stays light out for so long.  We've already been swimming at my parents house a couple of times in San Diego and a couple of times we've gone to the Fisher's house for some fun on their huge blow up water slide.
Nathan LOVES the water!  I'm so excited to have a water baby because the girls were never that way!
Madylin is the only one that likes to climb up to the top of the slide and go down (with someone to catch her at the bottom of course).  Most the other kids are a little scared to do it, but Madylin is a little daredevil.  This is the same kid that tries to walk down slides instead of slide on her bum like a regular kid.
We may or may not have forced Morgan to go down a couple of times.  Hey it's good for her!  She's got to toughen up!  And after a couple of times she started smiling at the bottom instead of crying.

We were at my parents a couple of weeks ago and went swimming in their pool for the first time.  Nathan's first swim!
And he loved it, of course, even though it was freezing!
Madylin and Morgan mostly hung out on the steps shooting people in the face with water guns
or hanging out with the adults, like Uncle Matt.
The point is . . . we LOVE Summer!

This face: "Mom, seriously, why have we never done this before? And I hate when you do my hair like this"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nathan, Meet Mason

This is my best friend Melody.  This picture was taken when we were just barely 18 (our birthdays are 3 days apart) at a young women's retreat in Big Bear in front of the fireplace.  One of my favorite pics of us.
And here we are in front of my parents' fireplace 7 years, 2 weddings, and 4 kids later.  She looks the same (brat).  I look significantly more tired.  And pale.  And round.  But mostly just tired.
She now lives in Fresno and I very rarely see her. Anyways, the really cool thing is that we had baby boys 3 weeks apart (If Nathan wasn't in such a big hurry to come out they could have had the same birthday, because Mason was born on Nathan's due date). Mel was in San Diego for her sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago so we decided we had to go stay at my parents house so we could see her and her family.  It had been about 2.5 years since we'd seen them!
Here are our little guys getting to know each other.  Nathan was a bit of a bully and kept taking the toys away from Mason and poor Mason just let him.
Hopefully someday we will live close enough to Melody that Nathan and Mason can become best friends like their mommies.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lately . . .

Well since slacker mama hasn't blogged in a while, we thought we'd catch you up on what's been going on around here lately . . .

There has been a lot of "dress-up" happening of late.
Especially when cousin Riley comes to visit.  A favorite lately is dressing up as "hallerinas!"
Aren't we so cute with our little "hallerina buns?"

Nathan's getting so big and now likes doing whatever we do.  We can make him laugh whenever we want! He likes to head upstairs when mom's not looking to play in our kitchen with us. (He's figured out how to get through the barrier she puts up at the bottom of the stairs- isn't that so funny?!) Here we are eating our cereal together one morning at our table.
We've been able to spend some time with mommy's very good friends Brie and Cat lately!  They came and spent a whole day with us- reading us books and playing "Ring Around the Rosie"

We slept REALLY good that night!  Mommy says they need to come more often to "wear us out" or something like that.

You know what's really cool?  We have 3 birds nests with babies in them just outside our back door!

We love to watch the mommy bird come feed these babies.  There are 4 of them in this nest!

We wish mommy would get closer to take better pictures, but she doesn't like birds.  We don't understand what she's talking about, but she uses the words "swoop," "attack," and "Hitchcock" a lot.  Mommy's kind of a 'fraidy cat, but don't tell her we told you.

We've been having so much fun together lately and we love being twins and always having someone to play with (mommy likes that part too).  One morning we sat and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like this . . .
We keep ourselves busy all day making messes together so mommy has something to do. We spend a lot of time lately caring for our babies together.  We each have babies named "Tigger" and "Boy" and we have to put them on time out a lot.  We are also working on potty training them in the big toilet (but only when mommy's not looking)
Well now you know what we've been up to lately.  Mommy should be back to blog about some adventures later this week!

-Madylin & Morgan