Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nathan, Meet Mason

This is my best friend Melody.  This picture was taken when we were just barely 18 (our birthdays are 3 days apart) at a young women's retreat in Big Bear in front of the fireplace.  One of my favorite pics of us.
And here we are in front of my parents' fireplace 7 years, 2 weddings, and 4 kids later.  She looks the same (brat).  I look significantly more tired.  And pale.  And round.  But mostly just tired.
She now lives in Fresno and I very rarely see her. Anyways, the really cool thing is that we had baby boys 3 weeks apart (If Nathan wasn't in such a big hurry to come out they could have had the same birthday, because Mason was born on Nathan's due date). Mel was in San Diego for her sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago so we decided we had to go stay at my parents house so we could see her and her family.  It had been about 2.5 years since we'd seen them!
Here are our little guys getting to know each other.  Nathan was a bit of a bully and kept taking the toys away from Mason and poor Mason just let him.
Hopefully someday we will live close enough to Melody that Nathan and Mason can become best friends like their mommies.


Melody said...

Aw, I've always liked that 18 year old pic of us too. And don't even play like you don't look all beautiful now with your gorgeously cascading hair! (sigh) maybe someday we will live closer. Our boys are seriously so cute. :)

Janet said...

Cute boys! Cute Mommies! How fortunate you two are for a long standing friendship!