Monday, February 23, 2009

Morgan's Going Goth

She got a hold of some mascara.  'Nuf said.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Would love to have one of these . . .

On Super Bowl Sunday we went over to Russell's Aunt Jolene's house to watch the game and eat with family.  Jolene has a jump house for her day care and she had it up for all the cousins and kids to play in.  The girls loved it, of course.  I wish we had one we could put up and take down as we please- the girls would be content for hours!

Madylin taking a little rest
And Morgan with quite the look of joy on her face.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Since I liked the Picture . . .

 . . . I decided to do another tag.  My sister-in-law sort of tagged me (she tagged everyone who reads her blog) and because I have nothing else to post about at the moment I thought I'd participate.  It's the one where you go to your 6th folder and post the 6th picture.  
This is Madylin at about 6 months old.  She went through a short phase where she liked to suck on her big toe.  It was pretty entertaining.  By her face I'd say she feels no shame in what she is doing and is wondering why it's worthy of a photo. 
Do the tag if you want to- or if you're not sure just check out your 6th photo in your 6th folder and see if it's worth posting about like I did ( ;

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Splish Splash They Were Takin' a Bath

I've been meaning to post this picture for a couple of weeks now because I think it is so funny.  It is another one that my neighbor Christy took of the girls and their adventures under her care.  They had a blast splashing in the bath with their buddy Caiden.  You'll notice that it's not so much a bathtub as it is a huge storage container- that's what we have to use because we do not have bath tubs in our apartments. Don't you just love the hair do's they're rockin'?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thanksgiving in . . . um February?

So my dear friend Melody tagged me and this is one where you only tag one person and say why and so I felt like I really had to do it. The tag was originally called "Thanksgiving in January" but that doesn't work now so I had to change it . I wasn't that excited about the tag at first, but when I started I was surprised.  It's a good one.  You should all do it because it makes you feel grateful and happy for all that you have.  Thanks, Mel.
You are supposed to think of 6 things that you are grateful for and explain why.  Here goes . . .

1. Russell- Duh, right?  But honestly- he's a great Dad and he works hard for our family.  He spends almost all his free time with me and the girls and his daughters love him like crazy. He's very careful with money and appreciates my thrifting and all my cooking. And get this- he goes grocery shopping with me- like every time! It's like our fun family outing of the month.
2. Madylin- She is such a goofball.  She loves to give hugs and read books and walk up and down the stairs by herself.  She is bossy and likes to tell Morgan what to do.  If she gets an "owwie" I have to give her a hug before she'll start playing again.  She is a total momma's girl even though she loves her daddy too.  To get her to eat her chicken nuggets we have to tell her she can't eat her broccoli until she takes a bite of chicken (totally backwards, right?)  OR we tell her we are going to give her bite to Morgan and then she says "no bite, bite!" and she'll take it. She loves to hold hands with Morgan and she'll repeat "hand hand" when she wants to hold someone's hand. Cant' imagine life without her.
3. Morgan- she loves to dance.  Whenever music or dancing comes on the t.v. she says "dance" and starts jumping around the room.  She always sleeps across her crib width-wise so her legs are always up in the air because she doesn't fit.  The girl LOVES food and has the funniest little pregnant-looking belly.  Her vocabulary is pretty impressive and she'll repeat absolutely anything you say.  She's a little mimic and it's hilarious. She' a daddy's girl through and through. Can't imagine life without her either!
4. Our Computer- Russell insisted on getting a really nice (a.k.a. expensive) computer despite my concerns, but I'm so grateful.  It's so nice to have a good computer that doesn't crash every few weeks and that I can trust with all my pictures and documents.  It's not a necessity, but I'm so grateful to have it!
5. Russell's Job- I've been feeling extra grateful for this lately and I'm sure you understand why.  It's so nice to know that Russell has a good job that provides for our needs and that is fairly secure. 
6. Friends- I am so blessed to have such great people in my life.  I am lucky to have kept a few friends from every stage of my life.  I have friends from back home like Melody and Erin and Jen. When I went to college I met Ashley, Brie, Cat, and Jessica and still have them in my life.  I have wonderful friends from singles ward, Audrey and Marissa and Kevin.  I also have Christy, Kim, Judy and others from my ward right now and great family that I consider friends (Lisa, Jessica, Stacy and many more!).  It's so nice to have friends that I can reminisce about every part of my life with.

Now I tag you, Erin!  Erin is one of the most positive people I know and she is also one of the greatest examples I know.  She is brave and always seems to do the right thing and she has the coolest stories to tell (like when some crazy no-on-prop-8 lady bit her finger because she was trying to stop her from taking all her "Yes on 8" signs down)  Erin is great and I know she'll have an inspiring list.  But anyway, everyone should really do this!  (even if I didn't tag you!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Russell's Day Off

Russell had a Monday off in January for president's day or something and lucky for us, Russell's cousin Ben and his wife Lisa had the day off as well so we hung out with them all day.  They live near us and the girls just love them (they are "Bun" and "Isa").  We started the day off with a picnic at the park.  This was my view for lunch.  It's so nice when the girls want to sit with others to eat so Russell and I get to have our hands free.

After lunch we headed to the playground where the girls had a blast on the swings and slides.  Here is Morgan swinging.
And Madylin with Daddy.

Madylin climbing up the stairs and loving the slide.
Morgan on the slides.          

After the girls took a nap we headed out to the San Bernardino County Museum.  It was okay.  I don't ever need to go again.   The girls liked the last part okay- the animals. Here is Morgan making sure this bison is not going to move towards her.

Madylin pointing to the butterflies.

This is actually a sheep, but we told the girls it was a goat because they think sheep are fluffy and white.  They kept saying "goat- Maaaaa"
Outside they had a little sand trough wear you could grab a brush and find fossils.  The girls liked this because they got to get dirty and use a tool.

After the museum we wasted an hour at Wal-Mart looking around while our car got an oil change and then headed to El Torrito for dinner.  That was NOT a good experience.  The girls did not want to sit still and all the food was too spicy for them. They kept crying and sticking their tongues out and I kept having to give them water.  Our food wasn't very good either.  We won't be going there again.  Ben and Lisa came over to our apartment and we put the girls to bed and made homemade ice-cream.  Such a fun, exhausting day- I wish Russell had every monday off!