Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Would love to have one of these . . .

On Super Bowl Sunday we went over to Russell's Aunt Jolene's house to watch the game and eat with family.  Jolene has a jump house for her day care and she had it up for all the cousins and kids to play in.  The girls loved it, of course.  I wish we had one we could put up and take down as we please- the girls would be content for hours!

Madylin taking a little rest
And Morgan with quite the look of joy on her face.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

That would be a great thing to have. Glad the girls had so much fun. They are so cute.

Reed and Natalie said...

I agree...that would be great for inside (if you had a place big enough) for the LONG winters here! Looks like fun!