Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

 I am involved in a preschool co-op with some friends and the first 7 weeks I have been teaching. The last day of my unit we took our first class field trip down to Yucaipa to the Live Oak Pumpkin Path.  We had a good time and the weather was beautiful!
 The only other groups there were big school groups, but all the rides were closed.  The John Deere quads were just sitting there unused so the kids had fun sitting on those pretending to drive.
Madylin and Casey
 See that flag rope behind the kids?  Yeah we weren't supposed to go past that, but we honestly didn't even think about it. Everything was closed so we just let the kids sit on the rides and didn't even think twice about it, but we got in trouble for that. Sheesh such bad examples for our children.
   Here's the whole class.  (Madylin, Morgan, Riley, Casey, and Caiden)
 This was their favorite part.  Christy and I carted the group out to the pumpkin fields in these wagons.
All the kids including the younger siblings.  Aren't they cute?


Anonymous said...

So cute i bet the kids had a ton of fun!

The Heitritter Family said...

Cute pictures! Our preschool couldn't work it out to go so I took the boys on my own and we had a good time. Bayer would have liked it more with kids his age. I see your girls are professional smilers for pictures now :)

Jensine Kinser said...

I would love to do something like this with a group of friends as well. How neat it worked out for you guys! Looks like quite the fun field trip--those are always the best part.