Saturday, July 7, 2012

Field Trip to Fire Memories Museum

For our last preschool field trip this year we went to Fire Memories Museum in Banning.  It was a small museum that a kid who really loves everything firefighter would love, but my kids just weren't that into.  
 The men in charge were really nice and good with the kids.  These 2 men were twins and said they always try to take pictures with other twins that come to the museum.
 The kids really liked this part.  They got to see how firefighters used to have to pump water to fight fires and got to try it themselves.

Nathan got scared by the big bell they were showing us in the beginning of the tour and was a wuss the rest of the time.  He HATES loud noises.  Luckily, Russell was with us this day because he was done with work for the Summer.  Nathan stayed close to Dad for the rest of the tour and was just fine.

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