Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Random June Cuteness

This kid has the CUTEST smile.  She is such a smiley girl.

I found this costume at a garage sale.  LOVE it on my boy!
This girl is always chewing on her toes!
 Just like her sister, Madylin used to do!
On the way home from a week of swimming at Granna and Poppa's house.  They were exhausted!
 A close up of Morgan and Madylin and their dolls.  NOT comfortable!  Especially for Morgan in the purple! (they only stayed in this position for maybe 15 minutes, don't worry!)
Here is Lydia at my volleyball tournament in Phoenix.  We put her in the ball cart wearing her RANCHO BABY outfit my team mom made for her.
 And she found her toes again.
On a side note, on this day of the volleyball festival we were put in a bracket with a LAVA team that Taylor Lautner's (think Jacob Black) sister played for.  He was at the tournament a couple of times that week and was always being hoarded by teenage girls asking for pictures and autographs.  This was the last day and they put our bracket on a private court so he would be left alone and we were asked not to ask for anything from him.  My team was doing score and lines for his sisters game after ours and one of the moms from my team took Lydia and sat right in front of Taylor Lautner with some of my team.  She was screaming (happily) at him and his parents and being cute as ever and he and his parents kept smiling and laughing at her and my team just gushed at her to.  So basically Taylor Lautner thinks my baby is the cutest thing ever! Oh and I let people use my baby to get close to him ;)

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