Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lydia Tummy Time

You'd think that Lydia would be a chunk with her starting out as 10 pounds, but she's actually quite petite now.  She is only about 15 pounds at almost 6 months.  This girl has been the strongest and of my kids though.  She was holding her head up pretty early and was getting on hands and knees and rocking around 4.5 months.  At her last 2 checkups her doctor just laughs at how strong she is when she checks her progress.  These pictures were taken when she was 5 months.  She usually does great with tummy time and she was particularly happy at this time...

 She got her first 2 teeth around 4.5 months as well and has been sucking in her bottom lip ever since

Yes a lot of her hair fell out on the sides so she just has one really long patch down the middle that lays on one side... but that's really IN right now ;)

She is SOOO close to crawling.  She rocks and rocks and still gets everywhere she wants to. 

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Judy said...

I absolutely love that cute face! And her hair is awesome!