Friday, July 6, 2012

Sleeping Kiddos

 When Lydia was born Nathan started crying at bedtime and coming into our room in the middle of the night.  He was sad and always asking to sleep with us or Morgan and Madylin.  I understand why he had a hard time.  Morgan and Madylin slept in one room and then me, Russell, and Lydia were in another.  He was the only one that had to sleep alone and he did not like it anymore.  So, we moved him into Morgan and Madylin's room and painted the pink walls back to white.  When we check him before we go to bed we often find him in some awkward positions.
 How do you sleep with your head off the bed??
 His toddler bed is at the foot of Morgan's bed.  Here he is half on her bed, half on his bed.
 Another night he was fully on the foot of Morgan's bed.
There have been a few nights where we find him snuggled up with one of his sisters.  It's so sweet.  We almost always move him back to his bed, but some mornings the girls will tell us that Nathan climbed into bed with them and slept there most the night.  What can you do?  He's happy to not be alone anymore and the boy LOVES to cuddle.  I'm told Russell was the same way as a little boy.
Speaking of sweet sleeping babies...
This is after her first run with Mama.  Just love this sweet picture!


Jennifer Lomenick said...

So sweet of Lydia. I can understand Nathan feeling a little lonely. Glad he is happy now.

The Heitritter Family said...

Ahahahahaha! I have a crazy sleeper too. He is not a snuggler though! That picture of Lydia is precious. I enjoy when the babies get bigger and can do stuff, but sometimes I miss those super sleepy and snuggly newborns! Loving the blog updates - keep em coming!