Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mormon Night at the Padres

My parents were able to get us some tickets for Mormon Night at Petco Park on June 23rd and of course Russell wanted to go and take the kids.  Not only was it baseball (Russell's first love), but it was his favorite team playing against the Padres, the Mariners!  On the night of the game I opted to stay at my parents house with Lydia because she wasn't feeling well and I really don't enjoy baseball anyway.  Oh and get this- Russell wanted to stay for the WHOLE game.  I know right?  He's crazy ;)  I was hoping to show up half and hour late and leave after an hour or so ;)  Yeah like I said, baseball is NOT my thing.
The kids enjoyed seeing the park
Nathan got a souvenir ball from the Padre, so that started things off right
 And then there was a lot of playing on the adults' phones to stave off the boredom.
Treats helped, of course...
 Nathan was over it all before the game was done (I would have felt the same way, but it probably would have been somewhat inappropriate for me to do this)
I'm glad they got to go out and have fun with Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Travis and soon-to-be-Aunt Corinne.
And really glad I got to stay home :)

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