Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life With Lydia

We were blessed that the transition from 3 kids to 4 was very smooth.  Better than from 2 to 3 kids and much easier than from 0 to 2 kids, of course!  The days after Lydia's birth were perfect.  She is such a good and mellow baby.  My mother was here to help and my brother Steven also came for a couple of days and helped with meals and even stocked up our fridge for us!  It was nice having them here.  The 3 older kids were so good with Lydia and always asking to hold her.  You can see in this picture from Lydia's first day home that Nathan wanted to hold her, too, so he grabbed her feet ;)
 Like most babies, Lydia slept A LOT and we all enjoyed watching her do it.
After her first real bath by Granna, we discovered that she has really curly hair when it's wet.
I was amazed with how good Nathan was with Lydia.  So gentle and quiet.

Morgan and Madylin were a big help those first few weeks, holding the baby so I could make meals.  One night they all just cuddled up together and watched a movie.
Love this picture of my sweet girls loving their baby sister.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

LOVE IT!!!! Hope this means you are back to blogging! ;)

The Heitritter Family said...

Adorable! That picture of Lydia's curly hair gave me the biggest smile. What a doll!!

Reed and Natalie said...

So cute....isn't it nice to have helpers that can actually help?!

Jessica said...

So cute, seems like forever ago already!