Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travis & Corinne Got Married!

The twins missed their 3rd day of school for this wonderful event.  Russell's little brother Travis got married in the San Diego Temple on August 17th.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day. The Kinser family was just missing Brandon, who was still on his mission.  Morgan wasn't very cooperative at picture time.
 Morgan, Madylin, Staci, Stefani, and little Corinne were flower girls.  We bought these dresses online and they were ridiculous.  They were falling apart by the time we got out of the sealing!  Oh well, the girls looked darling anyway.
 This picture of Lydia and Grandma cracks me up
 Before the reception we took more family photos.  Lydia was crying, but what can you do?
 We got an okay family shot... that's rare!
 Rarer still to get a couple shot
Good grief she's cute
The reception was GORGEOUS and lots of fun.  As you can see most of the kids were sunburnt from waiting to take pictures at the temple.  Bad Mommy!
Madylin, Stefani, Isaac, and Morgan all started kindergarten this year!
 Stefani and the twins dancing
 This is Lydia and Annika, at the San Bernardino reception.  They are about 6 months apart.
It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

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