Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nathan Starts Preschool!

At the end of August Nathan started preschool.  We are in a preschool co-op with 6 kids where each mom takes turns teaching twice a week for 6 weeks.  It's really nice.
When we pulled up to Alli's house the first day he immediately said, "bye mom"  and I told him I was going to walk him in.  Then when we got to the door he said, "bye mom" and I told him I was going to wait a minute.    We walked in and he put his backpack down and said, "bye mom."  Are you getting the impression that he was NOT sad about me leaving him? Yeah I did, too.  
All the following adorable pictures were taken by Darcy Patterson of Darcy Patterson Photography...
Here is Nathan's adorable class.

Thank you for these darling pictures, Darcy!

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