Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First School-Friend Birthday Party!

In October Morgan and Madylin were invited to the birthday party of their new friend from school, Annika.  I was a little nervous since in the past they've only been to parties of their cousins and church friends whose families I know very well.  I talked to the mom on the phone and felt better and decided we'd just hang around a bit.  I can't believe we are already at this place in their lives.  They are getting bigger and their world is expanding to include people I don't know... that's strange!
The party was a costume party, since it was in the month of October and we didn't have Halloween costumes picked yet, so they chose things from their dress-up bin.  
Madylin was Ariel
 Morgan was Supergirl
 Love this picture of them.  Morgan looks much taller because she is wearing boots with a heel
They, of course, had a great time at the party and the parents were very nice.

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