Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lydia turns 1!

This little lady bug turned 1 on January 24th.  I guess with each kid time goes by faster because I cannot believe we've already had this girl for over a year.  On her birthday we had a quiet evening at home and I made a simple healthified apple cake.
I love this picture like "Dad, what is that?"
 She loved it and made a mess like every 1 year old should with their first piece of cake.
 Then she got a bath and since babies in towels are the cutest thing ever, here's the proof.
We love this little girl more than I thought possible and her brother and sisters just adore her to pieces.

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all the updating.

Cute family pictures!

Can't believe that Lydia is 1!

Love the cute Halloween costumes!

Glad you got to see your friends!

Loved the pumpkin patch!

I know what you mean about kids growing up and branching out with people you don't know. UGH!

Keep it coming!