Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ward Christmas Party 2012

Our ward Christmas party this year was really nice.  The food was great and there were beautiful carols sung.  I was playing the piano for the program that went through the origins of a lot of christmas carols and then the congregation sang them or there was a solo or group chosen to sing it.  I was practicing with singers during Santa's visit, so I missed seeing the kids with Santa, but Russell got some photos.  Although he did forget to put Lydia on Santa's lap for her first Christmas!  I admit to being a little upset about that, but oh well.
Madylin and Santa
 Nathan was a little scared of Santa at first, but he got over it and cornered Santa for a picture later ;)
Morgan and Madylin as well as their cousin Riley, and friend James sang and signed Silent Night up on stage.  They did so good!
I'm so happy that my kids seem really into music.  It was such a big part of church and Christmas for me growing up and I'm happy that our ward highlighted it on this night.  The morning after this party my friend Britney and I sang "Mary's Lullaby" in sacrament meeting.  It was my first duet in sacrament meeting and I was nervous, but really just wanted to help contribute to the spirit of the meeting and tried really hard not to think of myself.  Although I'm sure it was really quiet, I think it went well and I was grateful that Heavenly Father helped me get through it and that I could be an example to my children that we should share our talents and always do what we can to help our ward.

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