Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Halloween 2012

I was kind of bummed that the girls weren't allowed t to wear their costumes to school.  I think it's sad that it's come to this in the schools.  The kids had "orange and black day" instead.
I had a little photo session with the kids in their orange and black.  
It wasn't going great at first so I had to do some crazy stuff to get them to smile and they were cracking up (don't ask what I did, please;)

 Halloween night I took the kids around the neighborhood while Russell stayed home to pass out candy.  Lydia dressed in a darling bumblebee costume this time. I LOVED it.
 The other kids were the same, but I let the girls wear a little more make-up this time (which they LOVE of course)
Nathan lasted most the neighborhood but Russell came out to get him just short of finishing our route.  I was getting tired of holding Lydia to so she went back with the boys and I finished the last few houses with just the big girls, which was nice.
The kids enjoyed some of their candy while we passed out candy the rest of the night which they find just as much fun as going around trick-or-treating.
Lydia got in her comfy skeleton jammies.  I'd say she really enjoyed her first Halloween.

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