Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christmas Morning at HOME!

For Chirstmas this year we spent Christmas Eve at my parents as usual, but we drove home that night so we could have our first Christmas morning at home.  It was very different from the busyness and noise that we are used to, but it was nice.  We didn't rush, we let the kids take their time looking at their stockings and really tried to make the morning last.
 Best part of Christmas morning right here...
 They were so excited to get new skooters.
 And Lydia loves baby dolls.  She is always giving them kisses and patting them on the back.
 These girls are always in need of coloring books!

Apparently I didn't take very many pictures :(  And a lot of the ones I did take turned out really blurry.
We had a very slow relaxing day and went over to Russell's parent's house for the afternoon and then dinner at Uncle Mark and Aunt Kami's house with the extended family.

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