Monday, August 27, 2012

Madylin & Morgan Start Kindergarten!

On August 15th the day had arrived for Madylin and Morgan to start school.  They were extremely excited, as was I, to reach this milestone.  I have to admit, though it made me feel kind of old.  I mean when did I get old enough to have school-aged children?!?!  It snuck up on me.
We got up and got ready and did hair and pictures and were ready in plenty of time to get to school for the 8:15 start time.  The girls will be in the same class this year at Sundance Elementary.

Being silly...
At school they saw their cousin Riley who is in another kindergarten class at Sundance.
There were no tears shed by me or the girls... we were all just too excited.  I think all of us are comforted by the fact that Morgan and Madylin have each other at school.  We met their teacher, Mrs. Conn who I hear great things about and I like a lot so far. The girls found their seats and started to play with their play-doh left at their spots by their teacher.

Nathan, Lydia and I left without a tear even from Nathan!  I was pleasantly surprised by that!
Now my life has changed drastically and will never go back!  Crazy, but wonderful because they really LOVE school so far!