Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally, Nathan!

I detest potty training.  I wish it was one of those things I could hire out for or send the kid to boot camp for a week. Nathan had been potty training for like EVER!!  Okay like 5 months, maybe.  He did great for about a week a couple months before he turned 3 and went potty all the time and then decided he didn't want to do it anymore and he was SO frustrating.  For about 2 months he did fine, but never stayed dry for a whole day and always did horrible things in his underwear if I ever dared to have him wear them.  Finally after he turned 3 I got the idea from my cousin, Jessica to try a potty chart.  He got a sticker on a chart every time he TRIED to go potty and a candy anytime he did go.  He also would get 2 potty treats if he was still dry when he went the next time.  Well guess what... this worked!   Nathan was told that when he filled up his whole chart with stickers, he would get this light-up sword that we had bought for him.  He talked about it all the time and the day finally came.  He was beyond excited to get his hands on this sword.

Watch out, he's pretty scary with this thing!

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