Friday, June 7, 2013

No More Training Wheels!

In May Russell wanted to see how Nathan did without his training wheels on his bike.  Nathan was hesitant to try, but Russell bribed him (yes we are those kind of parents) and we got him to try it.  Russell ran behind him to help maybe 3 times for 30 feet or so and then Nathan took off and no more support was needed.  He still had trouble with turning, but after another day of riding a bit he got that too.  On the 3rd day Russell wanted to work on him starting and stopping by himself.  At one point Nathan fell down and Russell started walking down the street to help him get started again with Lydia in his arms.  He was looking at Lydia and the next thing he knew, Nathan was whizzing past him on his bike.  Yeah.  He got the hang of starting. He was a natural and now in the last few weeks he's progressed to riding a bigger bike like the girls and we've already gone on a 3 mile ride with them all and he did great.  I love family bike rides and I think we'll be doing them a lot this Summer.

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Go Nathan! If we come this summer, we will have to bring our bikes, so the kids can ride. I love bike rides and going with the kids. They are awesome!