Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten is Over!

This post is going to make me sad.  Kindergarten is over and I miss it already.  Morgan and Madylin thrived this year.  They learned so much and excelled in their reading and writing. They simply adored their teacher, and so did I.  They grew up on me!  Just look at the difference!

I happened to be watching my cousin's kids on the last day of school, so Riley got in on the pictures too.
The kids were told to wear red, white and blue for the last day and they had a program on the kindergarten playground where the kids sang patriotic songs.  It was cute.
After the songs, all the kindergartners went to their classrooms for awards and goodbyes.  Madylin and Morgan each got a "good attendance award" and their kindergarten "diplomas."  Their teacher, Mrs. Conn had a speech prepared, but couldn't get through it because she was so emotional.  I also got emotional.  Maybe it's just because it's their first year in school, but there's something about leaving your child with a stranger and having that stranger discover what treasures your children are and learn to love them.  I really appreciated Mrs. Conn and how much she loved my girls and how she pushed them and gave them opportunities to continue to grow when the kinder reading material started to get too boring for them.  She gave them some special opportunities to do some more advanced reading and testing instead of just calling it good.  I will be so sad if Nathan doesn't get her in 2014.  I hope I don't get this attached to all of their teachers!!
Morgan already woke up yesterday morning and said sadly, "I miss Mrs. Conn"

The girls also met 2 new good friends this year.  This is Annika.
And this is Kayla.

It is so fun seeing the girls meet new friends and have this whole other world of friends and teachers and aids who they know and trust and love.   I am excited to have the Summer with the kids, but I will be excited for them to start 1st grade and meet new friends and teachers and be in school again where they really thrive.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

Cute kids! I know what you mean about loving the teachers who care for your children. You might get attached to some and some you might not. I have loved almost all of my kids teachers.

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