Friday, June 7, 2013

First Beach Trip 2013

The friday before Memorial Day we were visiting my parents in Escondido and decided to go to the beach.  We went to Tamarack beach in Carlsbad and it wasn't very busy and we got a parking spot right next to the sand.  Everything was perfect except for the breeze.  The breeze was COLD!  It was sunny and beautiful, but just a little chillier than I like at the beach.  Russell took the big kids in to walk around in the water anyhow.  The twins loved it.
 Nathan was okay until he got splashed in the face.
 He was done with the water after that.
Morgan and Madylin spent probably an hour holding hands and running around in the tide.  They had so much fun.

 Lydia was pretty cautious.  She didn't hate the water but she didn't love it either.
Staring at the waves

 Russell did take her out one time and she had a death grip on the back oh his shirt.
 She preferred playing in the sand and trying to carry as many sand toys at once as possible.
 Didn't get many good pictures of Nathan, but I like this one of he and Lydia eating lunch together.
We are looking forward to more beach trips this Summer!

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Glad for people like you who like the beach. Your kids look like they had a great day!