Thursday, June 6, 2013

Morgan and Madylin Turn 6!

On May 2nd Morgan and Madylin turned 6! They got to celebrate with their class and they decided they wanted me to bring cake pops in for their class.  I went in with the treats in the middle of the day and their teacher Mrs. Conn put crowns on them and put them up on a chair for the class to sing to them and then she gave them 6 "spankings."  It made me laugh because I remember a lot of my teachers used to do that.

 For their birthday dinner they requested a pizza in the shape of a 6. Umm yeah.  I'm not that cool.  I asked them if they'd settle for a heart-shaped pizza with pepperonis in the shape of a 6 and they thought that was okay.
They had their birthday party the next night and then they got to go to their friend Kayla's birthday party at the bowling alley and bowl for the first time!  It was a pretty good birthday for them!

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