Thursday, June 6, 2013

An "Under the Sea" Birthday Party

The day after the girls turned 6 we had a birthday party for them at home.  They chose a few friends and family members to invite and we decided on an "Under the Sea" theme.  I love working with themes.  It makes everything more fun! 

I had a lot of fun with the food!

"fish and chips" (gold fish and potato chips)
"octodogs" (hotdogs with "tentacles" sliced before boiling)

"seashells & cheese" (homemade macaroni and cheese with shell pasta)

"crab legs" (carrot sticks and orange and red bell peppers with dip)

"submarine sandwiches" 

really easy to make when you watch the tutorial on youtube!
"Jell-o Aquariums" (blue jell-o with a gummy fish on top)

For part of the decor I got some feeder goldfish at the pet store and put them in bowls/vases on the tables.  This was cheap and a BIG hit with all the kids!
The cake was really fun and easy to make and I just used gummy fish and sharks to decorate

The girls requested blueberry and strawberry filling
They were spoiled by their friends and family with gifts and had a wonderful time.

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

You are awesome with parties. Looks like too much work for me. It looks like a lot of fun!