Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Saturday morning my brother Matt came over to help my dad prune the big tree in the yard.  The girls put some little hoodies and sneakers on and headed out to join the fun and "help."  They actually did a good job picking up leaves and putting them in the trash can.  Oh and FYI- Morgan is in the gray and Madylin in the yellow (people always ask).

When the leaves were cleaned up they spent some time pointing out Poppa's nose and eyes for him (just in case he'd forgotten where they were)

And just in case it wasn't feeling like Fall already, they spent some time playing football with Uncle Matt.
Matt also put an ant on his hand and Madylin was fascinated while watching it crawl all over his hand.  She kept trying to pick it up by pinching it.

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Katie, they are getting so big. I am so excited to see them and all the cousins together. It will be a blast. That is fun that the kids are such big "helpers".