Friday, October 3, 2008

First Boyfriend

Caiden and his mom, Christy live above us and we play with them almost everyday  (Christy is my gym buddy).  The kids act so silly when they are together.  Last night Caiden came over for a few minutes and he and the girls just ran around the house laughing.  They would run and then stop and look at each other and crack up.

The girls love to give kisses and hugs and sometimes Caiden will oblige.  If one of the girls gets a kiss from him though, the other one has to as well.  Here is Madylin sneaking a kiss while Morgan's back is turned.

We went swimming with Caiden a few times this summer and all the kids just loved it.  It's nice to have a friend around (especially for mommy!)


Jennifer Lomenick said...

That is funny that Madylin is sneaking. Is that life is like in years to come.

Hoy Family said...

Super cute! Ryan has that little swimming thing and he hated at first but is now used/comfortable with it and that makes me happy :)

Melody said...

Those pool floaties look comfy! Maybe I'll get one for myself. :) I love the pic you put in your header. SO cute!