Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I probably would not have posted about our gingerbread/graham cracker house creations this year, but Russell really wanted me to (he is really proud of his)
Here it is- the first one of the year.  Russell made this at a Christmas party with some other couples from the ward.  He made me a red door because I LOVE houses with red doors and hope to have a cute enough house that I can have one someday.  He did good.
This one was made by my niece, Sara.  She is 11.  It looked really good and then she just started throwing stuff on and using the red icing and it ended up looking like this.  She said the peanut shells are reindeer droppings.  Lovely.

This one was made by my mother, cute huh?

My SIL, Jessica.  Very traditional

My brother Matt and his son Kaleb.  3 chimneys (Matt builds fire places for a living)

And lastly, mine.  Russell did the construction and I did the decorating- isn't that just how it should be?
More Christmas stuff to come as I find the motivation  . . .

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