Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was spent with the Hatches this year at my parents' house.  We started the evening like we always do- with chimes.  We each get a chime and a spoon and Mom holds up the music while we play Christmas songs.  Morgan likes to sit with Matt and he lets her hold the spoon.
My family always does a "live nativity" on Christmas eve.  Usually it's the kids acting out some of the parts while my dad reads about Christ's birth from the scriptures.  This is an example from last year when my niece, Emily was Mary and my nephews Kaleb and Brandon were Joseph and a king.  My mom is holding up Aubrey as the angel and Madylin is the baby Jesus (examining a gift from the king)

But this year, for some reason, my mom decided that Russell and I were going to play Mary and Joseph.  Kaleb is a king, Sara a shepherd, and the girls are supposed to be sheep I think.  (My brother Jacob's "kid" Sammy the dog is a donkey, along with Eeyore- see the resemblance?)

The problem with this year's nativity is that we couldn't find a baby doll, so Mom just handed me a rolled up towel to hold.  Well, Madylin was totally confused and kept asking me "baby?" and pulling on the towel.  She just kept saying "baby?" and poking at the towel and she was getting so upset and loud that I was holding some baby that she couldn't see that I had to unroll the towel so that she could see that there was no baby.  All this while my dad was reverently reading from the scriptures and my family was singing "Silent Night."  Yes it was a very spirichul experience- Russell's face says it all.


Reed and Natalie said...

That is TOO funny, Katie! You gotta love girls were both dogs in the nativity. (Were dogs actually there? I don't know...)

Reed and Natalie said...

Cute family picture on the side, by the way!