Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning & More

So we had a great Christmas morning at my parents' house.  They girls especially loved their dolls- just look at them feeding the dolls bottles! - so cute.  And we also got them Doodle Pros.  Now they have something to color on as they ask to "cuyor" daily.

It's not Christmas without some clothes and they got some really cute stuff!
And another favorite present was blocks.
My dad made these for them and they sure love to let us build 
them up so they can quickly knock them down.

And one of Russell's favorite presents was his Duke sweatshirt (his favorite college basketball team)  The funny thing is there was a good deal when you bought 2 sweatshirts (I can't pass up a good deal!) so I called Russell's sister and she had me get one for her to give to her husband, Mark.  Mark's favorite team is North Carolina and in case you didn't know- Duke and UNC are rival schools.
The day after Christmas we were finally in our own home- so we had another Christmas morning with the girls.  We had saved just a couple presents that we didn't want to haul anywhere else to give them when we were home.  The first was nothing too exciting- just a bucket of foam letters and puzzle-type pieces.  They had fun opening the gift, though
One of the girls' absolute favorite gifts was this table I found at a garage sale.  It only came with 1 chair so we bought a set of 2 on Amazon and now they have a chair for a friend or more kids when we have them.  They sat at this table all day that 1st day and played with their doodle pros and their Elmo dolls and babies and their tea set (another garage sale Christmas present)  They LOVE having their own little chairs and somewhere to sit and color.
We had a fantastic Christmas and hope you did too!


Jessica said...

looks like you guys had a good christmas! your girls are so cute, what's a good day for a play date? Riley is still too small to interact on their level but i know she would love to follow them around at least :) and i'd love to hang out with you and possibly christy if she is around! p.s. i love the tradition your family does on christmas with the live nativity and what not, pretty neat :)

Reed and Natalie said...

All my kids love their Doodle Pro's...even Adam at 6 years old. They all got new ones for Christmas, too! :)