Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bit of Summer

I have so much catching up to do to finish posting about our Summer.
We didn't do much swimming this year, but we did hang out with cousins and their water toys.  On this particular day Jessica called and invited us over to play with the slip 'n slide and kiddie pool.  It was bright and sunny out with clouds far off in the distance when I accepted the invitation, but by the time we got ready it looked like this
And then the thunder and lightning started.  We sat out in our lawn chairs with our kids in their bathing suits playing in the water and watched the lightning in the distance (don't worry it was pretty far away).  It was actually pretty fun and we even got sprinkled on a bit, but it was so warm that the kids sure didn't mind. Nathan and Braden had a ball crawling around on the slip 'n slide
Morgan and Madylin played in the wagon a lot with Riley and they all took turns pulling each other around

This summer we've also been working on our back yard.  We got a whole lot a dirt dumped on our driveway which we then had to transfer to the back yard.  The girls were a BIG help, as you can see.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

Looks like lots of fun. Those girls sure helped their daddy with that big pile of dirt. Good job girls! Nathan looks like he had a great time on the slip n' slide.

Mel said...

Cute swimming pictures! Those are some ominous looking clouds. Neat picture. So, how long did it take the girls to shovel all that dirt with those little scoopers? ;)So cute.