Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kinser Family Reunion!

At the beginning of August we got to welcome home Russell's brother Travis from a 2 year mission to New Mexico.  Russell's whole family was together for the first time in a long time and we had some good times together. 
We were all able to be there to pick up Travis from the airport and we were all excited to see him . . . well almost all . . .

Every night since the twins started saying their own prayers they've been saying "bless Uncle Travis on his mission helping Jesus" so we thought they would get really excited when we told them he was coming home.  Well they did get excited and they said they were going to give him big hugs when they saw him, but SHOCKER, my shy little girls didn't.  They wouldn't go near him until a couple of days later.  Look at Madylin in both pictures giving him the weary eye.
At least Nathan thought he was trustworthy.
While everyone was still around we also went to "Mormon Night" at the 66ers.  It was pretty fun and very family friendly. They sold quesadillas and hot dogs for .50 cents each which the kids enjoyed.
Here is Nathan eating his hot dog next to Grandpa
And Morgan and Madylin taking in the atmosphere.

It was of course time to get a new family photo (There have been 4 grandchildren born since the last one).  Brandon wasn't able to be there because he was playing in the pony league world series, so his cousin sat in for him and then Brandon's face was photo-shopped in.  The whole situation was pretty comical, but I think it turned out pretty good in the end.
And here are the 10 little ones.  I LOVE this picture.
(l-r: Stefani, Nathan, Madylin, Austin, Staci, Ryan, Isaac, Morgan, Cameron, Jeremy)


Reed and Natalie said...

I love being with all the family! I wish it happened more often...but I guess that's what happens when we move away! I LOVE the family pictures! The photo-shopped head looks pretty good! :)

Judy said...

What a beautiful family, and what a cute RM. Hmmm, do I know any great 20-ish young ladies???