Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow- Cal

At 6:30 this morning Russell woke me up from a deep slumber to show me this site from our balcony
Breathtaking to a So-Cal girl who has only ever seen snow a handful of times in her life. I went downstairs and outside with Russell to look around. The neighbor kids were out writing their names in the snow and this is what my car looked like.
And our house
I had offered earlier in the week to take breakfast and dinner this morning to a man from my church who just had surgery. I have already reaped the blessings as it forced me to venture out of the house this morning when I normally would have stayed inside all day. I got to behold the beauty that comes with fresh fallen snow. I drove in the snow for the 1st time (not that it was snowing very hard) and after dropping off the meals, the kids and I headed to Cousin Jessica's house to play with Riley and the other Fishers. We let the girls get out and play and they had a good time. They helped build a tiny little snowman.
A patriotic snowman
After that I started a mild little snowball fight by tossing a snowball at Morgan's belly which actually landed right on her neck. Oops. Jessica said it was a "mother of the year" moment. Yes I felt bad- just look at the face she made after I quickly brushed it off.
She got over it pretty quickly and everyone joined in the fun.
Madylin and Riley really loved it, but Morgan was complaining about her hands being cold or some nonsense like that
It's been snowing and then sprinkling off and on all day. I hope we get some more snow soon! This is great! I am loving where I live right now.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

Those girls need gloves! Can't wait to play with them in Utah. I will do a snowball fight with them for sure.

Jessica said...

i'm so glad you came over with your kids. they had a lot of fun, sorry again about riley being so crazy today. I'm starting to really realize i need a discipline make-over to get her back to a behaved child! you HAVE to frame that close up of maddey, it's so sweet :)

Reed and Natalie said...

So fun! The kids and I have been waiting rather impatiently for it to snow here......the little bit of snow we got the other day is almost completely melted.....WE WANT SOME SNOW!!!! Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Melody said...

Yea for snow!:) How fun! We got some hail here....not exactly as exciting. Love the snowman pics!

AudBall said...

I love that your playlist is glee songs. I love their music! p.s. we need to get together soon :)