Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Animal Adventures

While we were at my parents around Christmas we had a couple of little animal encounters. We try to take advantage of these to help the girls get over their fears.
My brother Matt and his wife got some sort of lizard as their family Christmas present. (yeah they are strange) I was shocked that the girls each took a turn having it on their laps and touching it even!
Baby steps!
We took the girls to Bates Nut Farm- a place I grew up going to for field trips and family outings. In the fall it has pumpkins galore and is crazy crowded, but the day before Christmas it was pretty much empty! We went with my mom, my brother Steven, and my brother Matt and his family. We tried to convince the girls that the goats were harmless and that it would just tickle a little as they ate the corn out of their hands . . .
But honestly, imagine you are 2- would you want to feed these creepy guys?!
Nathan was in his usual throne with Daddy just loving being outdoors and snuggled.
The girls would only throw the food at the animals, but would NOT touch them under any circumstances
Someone started picking leaves up off the ground and feeding it to the goats and the girls liked that idea so they followed suit.
They were so excited that they could feed the animals without touching them!
I don't know if goats are supposed to eat leaves, so if the animals at "Nate's But Farm" as my dad calls it are sick or dead- it wasn't us!!


Jessica said...

i don't blame the girls one bit, goats are super creepy, they will jump all over you if they get the chance!

Janet said...

Auntie Janet says ewwww to that lizard. Little girls don't have to get used to the those. I remember taking Kletey to buy one and when they all scurried around the cage of many he changed his mind. lol

Reed and Natalie said...

I don't think I would even want to feed the goats! :)

Melody said...

Yes. Goats are freaky because they'll eat anything! You gotta watch your back. The pic of Nathan in his carrier is SO CUTE. And yes, my boy wears lots of stripes. He's preppy! :)