Monday, October 12, 2009

Nathan's Blessing Day

Nathan had is baby blessing on September 27th.

The outfit he wore was my brother, Steven's and I just loved it. I am a dummy and didn't take many pictures that day of all the family and friends that came to see the blessing and celebrate with us afterwards. I just got this one of the men who were in the blessing circle, minus Josh Fisher. From left to right: Ben Fisher, Russell with Nathan, Aaron Kinser, Dad Hatch, Dad Kinser, Steven Hatch, and Justin Alfrey with Tessa.

At least I got his pictures taken the day before in the outfit! p.s. Olan Mills let's you post your photos, but they have that ugly "print me" button on them . . . sorry

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He was soooo tired when we got there, so every time I put him down he would cry. The photographer was laughing though because he would stop crying the second I picked him up. That's my Nathan- just wants to be held close all the time and he's happy.

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After a while, we got a couple of him sleeping before he woke up crying

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We finally laid him down, and after a few snapshots of him sleeping, he started to wake up with all the flashing lights
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Love the yawns!
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All in all- I'm very happy with them

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Very cute. Can't wait to see him. What a fun day to remember.

Jessica said...

you should blow up and print the first picture, great family photo! and i love all the ones of nathan, especially a couple of the cryign ones :)

Olson Family said...

Oh, what cute photos! He looks soooooo precious! And you are looking good in your other posts are you doing?

Reed and Natalie said...

I love the crying pictures! So cute! What a cute family picture, too! Nathan look so much like Russell!

Melody said...

Cute pictures! That's funny that our boys were blessed on the same day!:)

Jensine Kinser said...

Very cute family picture. I always forget to take pictures at events. I love the pictures of Nathan--such a variety of expressions!

Alena said...

He is adorable, looks just like Russell!!