Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nathan's Smiles

Nathan started smiling a couple of weeks ago and I've since been working on capturing a good smile.
It's so cute when babies start smiling. Usually the face gets all twisted up in the process.
And as they are learning to smile you usually see a lot of this
and this.
Sometimes you aren't sure if they are trying to smile or not.
Sometimes the smile starts our timid and unsure
And sometimes the smile just explodes onto their face
And once they learn to control that smile, it's a really BEAUTIFUL thing.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

I love when they learn to smile. Watching all his faces reminds me so much of Ryan. He is doing the same thing. What a cutie!

Liesl Law said...

AWE so cute! His hair is red?! That is awesome.

Reed and Natalie said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love when babies learn to smile! Actually, it's so fun when they learn anything new!

janet said...

Adorable little boy. Just brings a smile to me too.

Melody said...

SO CUTE! I especially love the tongue. :)

Jackie B. said...

so cute! looks alot like the girls i think.

Jessica said...

you little guy, my speical bosom buddy, is such a cuite, i love the smiles you captured, and yes, so true how funny it is that their faces get all twisted up when trying to smile...never thought about it, but you were right on