Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day '09

We celebrated Labor Day at Russell's Aunt Vickie's house with his family. The girls had a great time in the pool.
I love this picture of Morgan and Ben (Russell's cousin) laughing together
She'll play with others for a bit, but she is the ULTIMATE daddy's girl
Madylin enjoyed being pulled around in circles by Ben in this star

And being squirted by water guns
Nathan spent his time meeting the family and being passed around while he slept, which I'm sure he LOVED because he is such a cuddle bug. He's happy as long as he's being held and Russell is happy to oblige . . .


Jessica said...

i love all the pictures, i really do like the one of morgan and ben laughing too. Morgan's laugh is my absolute favorite...and i like how she is covering her mouth! I'll try to email the picture but you should be able to just double click on it to enlarge it than right click on it to save it. oh wait i think you have a right clicking, i don't know, i'll try to email it hehe

Reed and Natalie said...

Such cute pictures! I really wish we could've been there for Labor Day! It looks like fun! I also LOVE the one of Ben and Morgan cute! I love the one of Nathan and Russell...I have similar pictures of reed with each of our kids!

Melody said...

Such cute pictures! That's so cute that Nathan is a cuddler. Mason pretty much squirms or cries when i try to cuddle. Like I'm cramping his style and he wants to run around and have fun instead. Wish me luck!

janet said...

What a beautiful family. I wished I was near so I could share in the joy.