Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Sunday

I have to admit that we didn't even get the girls Easter baskets this year because our dear friend Marla took care of that for us.  Every holiday she  "anonymously" leaves a holiday  basket of all kinds of treats and outfits for the girls on our doorstep and this Easter was no exception only she left three baskets, one for each of the girls and an extra with all kinds of goodies.  We're glad we didn't get them baskets because my brother Matt and his family brought them baskets as well as their Kinser grandparents. Here are the sunglasses and bottles from their baskets that they just love.

For breakfast I made Oven Puff Pancakes from the website of my friend Judy's daughter.  La Fuji Mama is a fun food and cooking site I check out occasionally.  I put fresh strawberries on top and after the prayer that Morgan is waiting for in this next picture, we dug in.  They have a custard-like texture and are yummy!  Thanks, Rachael.
Madylin LOVES strawberries.  
Honestly though, who doesn't?

Posing on my huge kitchen island (which I love!) by the daffodils I bought at Trader Joe's.  Thanks to Judy for informing me via her blog that TJ's carries daffodils right now 10 stems for $1.29.  I bought 2 bunches and have been enjoying these for the last couple of days.  They make me smile every time I see them.

The girls enjoyed the Easter egg hunt even more than I expected.  They really caught on and they didn't get mad at each other when they were both after the same one (that was a real concern of mine!)
Sorting through the eggs with daddy.

We didn't really get good Easter pictures of the girls or the family because we were running late to church.  We were going to take some after church, but the nursery leaders in our new ward gave Madylin a sucker and she had sticky drooly stuff all down her dress (I was a little upset about that- I mean who gives a 2-yr-old candy without the parents' permission?)
These are the only pics we got- we'll have to take some good ones the next time we have the girls wear these gorgeous dresses.

This is where the pictures end because the rest of the day was extremely hectic. I hosted my first holiday dinner and we had Russell's parents and brother here as well as my parents and brother and another brother and his wife and 2 kids.  All together there were 14 of us.  It was fun to have everyone in my own home and host.  When I was almost done with everything the girls woke up from there nap and my niece informed me that I needed to go up to them because Madylin had thrown up in her bed.  Russell bathed her and I put her bedding and clothing into my own washing machine 2 doors down from the girls' room! (can you tell I'm excited about my own laundry facilities!)  Madylin seemed to be okay but wouldn't eat anything at dinner.  I made ham and green beans with bacon and my grandma's yummy rolls as well as shortcake and strawberries for dessert.  My mom brought potato salad and Russell's mom brought a fresh fruit salad and all the food was SOO good!  Halfway through dinner Madylin was fussy and wanted to sit on my lap so I let her and then she threw up again- right at the table while everyone was enjoying all the good food.  My appetite was ruined and I couldn't enjoy my dinner, but luckily we caught everything in a bowl and it was pretty much just water she regurgitated.  The rest of the evening was spent holding her and a bowl so that we were ready the 3 other times she threw up water.  Of course I still had to change my outfit 3 times because some would always get on me.  Even with all that going on, it was still such a nice Easter.  We were lucky to get to have both of our families together for a holiday and I know not many families are too keen on getting together with in-laws.  We are lucky to have such great families that get along so well.
Madylin has just started getting up to play in the last couple of hours.  All day yesterday and most of today either Russell or I had to be holding her.  She was so miserable!  I am so grateful that she is doing better now.  Hopefully we can put the sickness behind us and remember what a great Easter Sunday we had.


Jennifer Lomenick said...

Congratulations on hosting your first dinner. That is exciting. Glad to hear that Madylin is feeling better. Hope Morgan and you guys don't get it.

Melody said...

That's so exciting that you got to host for Easter dinner! And from what I can see of your new house, it looks SO NICE! Poor Madylin. I'm glad she's starting to feel better.

AlfreySlice said...

Wow, look at you! You're like a real mom now in a real house...(sigh)....

Reed and Natalie said...

Isn't it horrible to have little kids who are sick?! YUCK! We've had that the last little while....I wonder why I can get through the whole winter and nobody gets sick but as soon as we bring home a new baby, both the other girls get sick! I guess that's life! :)

Congrats on hosting the dinner! Especially in your new home! :)

Olson Family said...

OKAY, I'm a bad friend...I don't get online and I miss out on all the fun news! SO...CONGRATS on finding out you're having a boy! They are SOOO fun! I can't wait till I know what I'm having. It's fun to plan! AND your house looks beautiful! You gotta post more pictures! Let me know how crazy your life is and maybe I can visit in the next week or so, I'd love to see everything! Tell all hello and give hugs!

Judy said...

I'm so honored to have contributed to your cooking experiences! The girls look SO cute in those dresses. You'd never know that Madylin was incubating something bad in her tummy. Poor little gal.