Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Games They Play

Twins are hard- that I will admit, but in some ways, especially at this age, they are easier.  I thought I'd share with you one of the ways that having twins is easier than having just one at a time.  These are some of the games the girls play. This is how they entertain each other during the day . . .

They love to get out all of my headbands and parade around.  Sometimes Morgan will have 4 or 5 on her head.  Madylin prefers them around her neck and calls them "wecklaces"
They love to point out things on each other's clothes.
And they like to give hugs and sit on each other's "Yap" (lap)
In our old place we had a play pen set up in our room for Morgan to take her naps in.  The girls would regularly take as many toys as they could in there and dive in after them.  They'd spend up to an hour just sitting in there playing with toys and looking at their books.

(Apparently Morgan needed some help with her reading)

They like to cuddle up in the laundry basket to watch Elmo or Mickey.

Their activities have evolved in the last couple of weeks while we have been in this house.  Now one of their favorite things to do is lay down on the stairs with their "colors" or pretend to be sleeping while each lying on their own stair.
So, as you can see- I don't usually have to do a ton of entertaining during the day.  They have each other for that!


Jennifer Lomenick said...

I will admit having 2 around would be easier. I like having just Stefani for 2 1/2 hours 3 times a week but she just follows me around, sits on my lap or wants to be held all the time. I am just trying to remember that she won't want me around forever and just to enjoy it while I can. It isn't very often that #3 gets some alone time. I love the picture of the girls on the stairs. I have found my girls on there but not on their backs. They are so cute!

Liesl Law said...

I had my 3 girls in just under 3 years...so to some degree I can relate to being a mom with multiples...but not completely. I LOVE that my girls have each other. There are days (now that we are in a bigger place and the toys are downstairs and away) that I don't even see the girls 90%of the day. They just play and entertain each other. I have often felt bad for not playing with them and try to set aside time, but sometime they are too independent and don't even want it! I think it is great that they have each other. Thanks for sharing!

Reed and Natalie said...

Cute pictures! Yes, it does look easy! Adam is mine that drives me nuts all day long when he is home, because he doesn't have any boys to play with at home and he hates to do anything by himself! Can I just say...I can't wait until 1st grade when he's in school all day!!!!!

AlfreySlice said...

cuteness! I miss you guys... You know, they still haven't found someone to move in to you're old appartment yet... in fact, they offered us $200 if we can find someone to move into it... if you guys come back, I'll split it with you 50/50! (I know... tempting huh?)