Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morgan's Bad Day

So I am like a month behind on posting- but I don't like doing it all at once so I'll just try to do one or two posts a day for a couple of days to catch up.

A couple of weeks ago I planned to go to the park with Christy and Caiden and I got the girls ready and did their hair all cute so that I could take pictures of them playing at the park.  The girls HATE having me do their hair, so it's a major accomplishment when I can get it cute like this . . .
So we are walking to the park, Caiden is trotting way ahead of us and I have Madylin right next to me and Morgan a couple of steps ahead of me, then Christy chasing Caiden while she is 8.5 months pregnant.  Madylin falls and catches herself with her hands and I stop to pick her up.  As I'm picking her up, Morgan keeps walking down the blacktop to the park and she falls too.  Only she doesn't catch herself with her hands- she catches herself with her face. She is crying pretty hard and bleeding and so Christy helps her up and hands her to me at which point she stops crying.  I take her back to the apartment to clean her up and Christy takes the other 2 kids ahead to the park.  The whole time I am cleaning up Morgan's face she is fine.  She didn't cry at all- just me.  It was so sad!  It's hard when your kid is hurt anyways, but when it's her cute little face it just cuts right to your heart!  We went ahead to the park and she played like nothing happened.  Here she is just a few minutes after

Needless to say- those cute pictures I wanted- well that wasn't really going to be happening on that day!
Here she is the next night.
I should have taken a picture the next day because that is when it looked the worst.  And of course it was sunday and everyone at church was giving us such looks of pity and I had to retell the story of how I let her fall a hundred times. She really was hard to look at for a couple of days and every time I did I wanted to cry.  Poor Madylin was worse.  At lunch the day it happened Madylin kept pointing to Morgan's face saying "face" "nose" in such a sad and concerned way.  We didn't show Morgan her face in the mirror because we didn't want her touching it, but poor Madylin could see it and was so worried!  Morgan just kept saying "No!" to Madylin when she was pointing to her face because she didn't understand what all the fuss was about and she didn't like Madylin pointing at her face like something was wrong with it!
The next day her face looked SO much better and it healed really quickly.  She just has a little scab on the side of her nose now and under her eye is still slightly pink if you look closely, but no one else can tell anything is wrong.  Thank goodness little ones heal fast!


Jennifer Lomenick said...

Wow! Seeing it weeks later is better. How sad for her. What a trooper to not cry when you were cleaning it. Their hair is really cute! Glad she was able to go back and enjoy the park.

Jessica said...

oh my gosh. i heard about her fall but didn't think it would look so bad! that just looks tendor. glad she recovered quickly, what a tough girl! poor thing :(

AlfreySlice said...

Whatever, you totaly pushed her! Ok, just kidding... I was there. I have never seen you have such a "mom moment" before. I could tell you were having a tough time. You're a great mom. Poor Morgie-organ! We love you Doe!

Melody said...

Oh, her poor face! I would have had a hard time, would have been the worst! I love how she still looks happy-go-lucky, though. You gotta love kids!

Judy said...

Sounds like it was much harder on you than it was on her! It IS painful even to look at her! What a cutie, even with asphalt face.