Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snow Day at Oak Glen

 In March there was snow again and this time we gathered and borrowed enough snow/cold weather gear for our brood and headed to Oak Glen to play.  We will have to do this every year because we had the greatest time. 

 With Lydia on Russell's shoulders we walked around the trails.
All we had for Nathan was pink gloves but hey, they kept his hands warm!
 We drove to another spot in Oak Glen where we could do a little bit of sledding.  There are these beautiful deer that live there.  They looked so pretty in the snow.
We all had so much fun sledding.  Actually it was packed down enough in one spot that the girls and I were just going down on our bottoms because we were wearing slick waterproof pants.  Lydia took a few turns but was happiest just being held by either me or Russell.  She didn't want to get down.  Nathan, Morgan, and Madylin could have stayed all day climbing up and sliding down the little hill we found.
It was a great family day and we got done just as the crowds started to arrive, so our timing was pretty perfect!

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Jennifer Lomenick said...

Just come up here and we can play in the snow:-) j/k Glad it was a fun time. Having the right clothes makes snow playing, awesome!!!!