Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Easter 2013

I love Easter and all the activities that go with it.  I love that I get to host and family comes to my house.  I love making all the food and dying eggs and making pretty spring cookies. 
 My friend Jessica came over a couple of days before Easter with her 3 kids and we decorated sugar cookies all together.  These cuties, Lydia and Rylynn are about 6 months apart.
Decorating Easter eggs is something that Morgan and Madylin really look forward to.  They do a really good job, too!  
Madylin making polka dots
Examining their (and each other's!) Easter Bunny loot
 Lydia discovered how to open her eggs and promptly got to work eating candy
My mom and dad spent the night and were there to watch the kids hunt for eggs in the morning.  Our yard was a mess because Russell was working on moving the sprinkler line.

And it's not Easter Sunday without a picture before church!

We had the usual traditional Easter dinner after church with my parents, Russell's parents, Steven and Brandon.


Melody said...

I love your skirt! :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Love the family picture! I know how much you love your Easter holiday. I am so glad for people like you:-)