Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Haircut!

We decided to cut Morgan and Madylin's hair for Summer.  It was beautiful long, but they hated when I had to brush it out and they hated having me wash their hair.  Shorter hair has been soooo nice for all 3 of us!  The girls love it.
Madylin before and after her first haircut
Morgan before and after first haircut.
I do miss their long hair a bit- I won't keep it this short, but it is nice for Summer when we are swimming a lot and sweating in the heat!


Jensine Kinser said...

Their hair looks so cute--I can't believe how long it was!

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Glad short hair is working out for the 3 of you. They still look as cute as ever.

Reed and Natalie said...

So cute!!! We like short hair in our house, although Makayla says she doesn't want short hair anymore...so we'll see how that goes!