Monday, June 6, 2011

The Twins' Rainbow Birthday Party

The girls and I decided to have a rainbow-theme birthday party this year.  Now, I love throwing parties and  showers with themes that I can incorporate into everything and I went crazy and thoroughly enjoyed doing every last detail of this party.  My good friend Jessica took some amazing photos of those details so here are a TON of pictures!
First of all here is the invitation:
And here is the view when you walked into the party
I sewed strips of colored paper together to make the hanging garlands and made tons of paper pinwheels to put everywhere.  My mom did most the work sewing together that AMAZING tablecloth using plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and sewing them to an old sheet.
I used paint samples and favorite pictures of the girls to add some more color and personal touches to the decor.
Sweets Table

Instead of doing a meal I really wanted to have a sweet/dessert table and make everything really bright and colorful and fun.  On this table we had:
Rainbow layered jell-o

I covered oreos in white chocolate and then used colored glace icing and colored sprinkles to pretty them up. They were sooo good.

Sour rainbow-striped airheads rolled and stuck with a toothpick for easy grabbing
One of my favorite treats- jell-o coated popcorn. I made 6 different flavors
Easy chocolate and sprinkle- covered pretzel rods
Twizzlers with their label on a colored popsicle stick easel

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fun toppers
The kids stayed outside mostly, playing on the swingset, making rainbow crafts, playing in the mini bounce-house, or playing with the bean-bag toss.
Madylin, Morgan & Nathan. My parents made this for a bean bag toss game and for photo ops.
Morgan colors her rainbow with markers

Madylin gluing dyed pasta to her rainbow template.  I dyed flower shaped pasta in 6 colors and they turned out sooo pretty and bright!

The cake had 6 layers- one of each color of the rainbow we were using.  I made a simple pennant bunting by gluing colored felt to twine and lined the bottom of the cake with chewy lemonheads in rainbow order.
Blowing out the candles on their six-tier cake

I wish I could plan a party like this every year for each of  my kids- but I don't think my husband would allow that!  This was so much fun!


Anonymous said...

WOW! you are an amazingly creative mom! Love it!

Hendershots said...

LOVE IT!!! Everything looks so fun and colorful! Great work! Wish we could have been there to enjoy that sweets table :) Mike always thinks I do too much for birthday parties, but I think it's fun and totally worth celebrating in a big way!!

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Very cute. My mom told me all about that fun "decorating" ideas that you did. Glad it was a huge success and people like you enjoy doing stuff like this. It stresses me out!

Andrew & Crystina said...

this was absolutely awesome! sorry we couldn't make it! wish we could have! hailey would have tons of fun! Easton and Hailey's birthdays are coming up in september! *hint hint* ;) i cant wait!

Jensine Kinser said...

Wow. I mean that in all sincerity. Wow. I really think you could have a future job here, because I'd be willing to bet there would be parents eager to pay for an event like this!

mackyton said...

OMG!! What a lovely blog. This rainbow theme is just adorable. Your arranging ideas are dazzling. Have never arranged such themed party but would love to have it this time for my niece’s birthday at one of venue New York. Planning to implement some of your ideas there.