Friday, May 13, 2011

Hemet Children's Museum and Cousins!

We don't get to see my oldest brother and his family much, but they were visiting grandparents in March for a bit and we made plans to go to my parents' house to see them.  Unfortunately, my little nephew got sick and plans changed.  My parents brought the older kids and met us in Hemet to go to the Fingerprints Museum so the older kids could still see each other.  It was a really cute museum and my girls are STILL talking about it.  
They had a cute kitchen area that Morgan, Madylin, and Aubrey had some fun in.  Aubrey is 11 months older than the twins.
 There was also a cute little dress up room.  I don't know why Madylin had to mess up her cute outfit with the creepy scarf and strange expression.
 The favorite part for all the girls was the "Wal-Mart"  They had a conveyer belt and dozens of empty boxes and cartons and bottles on the shelves for the kids to put into their mini shopping carts.  The girls took turns being the "payer" (which you would think means the shopper who pays, but no, they meant the person who takes the money- the checker).
How cute is this boy?? (notice the cart- takes after his dad)
Madylin in one of the tractors
Morgan strapping Granna into the ambulance.
There were lots of things to do. They had a pit for the kids to dig bones out of and motorcycles and a doctor's office and a bank and a climbing wall among other things.
Here are the kids and Uncle Steven after lunch.  Really fun day and a cute museum that I would recommend to all my local friends.

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