Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kinser Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas with my family this year because Russell's family was all in Utah.  On Christmas Eve we did the usual program with my family beginning with playing Christmas carols on the chimes

The nativity scene included Joseph, Mary with baby Jesus, an Angel, and a Shepherd with her sheep that wouldn't keep on his wool coat.
 Such a sweet angel (that night anyways)
 Christmas morning was so fun!  Santa brought the girls what they had asked for- BIKES! (of course Santa didn't realize how big the girls had gotten, so he had to take the bikes back and exchange them for bigger bikes.  He's only human, after all)
Nathan had a ball and was spoiled with LOTS of cars and trucks and other boy toys.
Morgan picked this toy camera to give to her brother and I just love this picture.
No Christmas album is complete without a picture of the kids in their Christmas church clothes (and yes, those are the same dresses from last year ;)

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Jessica said...

aw, 6 days later and i still get the first comment! i guess people wanted to see christmas stuff in decemeber not february hehe...i really like the chimes that your family play as a tradition, i think it looks fun :)